Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals

I really like this book because it's really short and it breaks down the arguments for and against the consumption of animals in a question by question basis. It is very thorough and offers a lot of sources to back up its claims. The book revolves around the stance that we should avoid any and all suffering whenever possible, especially given the knowledge that we do not need to consume animals to live healthily.


The Ethics of What We Eat

Written by well-known ethics writers, Peter Singer and Jim Mason, this book breaks down the dietary choices of different families in different socioeconomic backgrounds through one lens: where does our food come from? Singer traces down the origins of each family member's food selections to often surprising results.

Where the Blind Horse Sings

This book is all about Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Written by founder, Kathy Stevens, we follow her through her decision to open an animal sanctuary, and through many animal rescues.


Dead Meat

Quite simply, this book is a graphic journey through various slaughterhouses. Sue Coe emphasizes the sheer volume of animals who are slaughtered for their flesh or fluids through the critical lens of audacity. The shock value is remarkable.


Do Unto Animals

A lot of really great information about how to interact with farm animals in here. Tracey Stewart covers farm animals, companion animals, and wild animals you may find in your backyard. 



Roxanne Gay. Badass feminist. This book is all about making peace with your body. It is heartbreaking, touching, and ever-relatable for the full-figured, feeling, badass feminist inside you.


Film Recommendations

what the health.jpg


Please do not watch this documentary alone. Broken up into five segments, Joaquin Phoenix narrates this gut-wrenching look into the industries that exploit animals for profit. He covers animals as companions, food, clothing, testing, and entertainment. This movie is an hour and 30 minutes of emotional overload. 



This Netflix original film is not what you'd expect. In examining the two ends of the animal-consumption spectrum, we come to fall in love with "super-pig" Okja and her caretaker. I have never cried so hard in my life over something I've seen on a screen!



This documentary focuses largely on the severe environmental impact an omnivorous diet has on our dying planet. This documentary revolves around the fact that animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to global warming, and one of the least mentioned when it comes to creating change.


What The Health?

This documentary, produced and directed by the same people who did Cowspiracy, focuses on the severe health impact an omnivorous diet has on the human population.